How Tantric Massage Can Help Improve Your Sex Life

Improve your sex life

Tantra massage practices are different from other massage techniques. They particularly concentrate on increasing sexual energy and excitement and also maintaining desire, even after reaching orgasm by sensitising the whole body for a happy experience.

Tantric massage makes use of the feeling of touch, friction, and pressure to the areas that are sexually arousing and tempting to the awake unfading desire for intense love making. The energy that Tantra massage infuses in a person will not die after reaching the first orgasm, but takes him or her into a state where the mind and body desire to have more.

Tantra massage starts with bringing the partners mutually both physically and mentally. These techniques recommend any act done by both partners which cast their shame and hesitation. Lovemaking is one reason lovers come to Tantra, either to help lighten up their relationship, or, in the hope of treating some sexual dysfunction. The best and easiest act is for the partners to take a shower together, help themselves in applying soap and wipe the water out from themselves. Partners should stand naked and help with after shower acts like combing the hair, applying the cream, etc.

The basis of Tantric massage is experiencing openness and making you forget about your worries. It can help you to connect with each other, both inside and outside the bedroom. It might be a little awkward at first, but as soon as you get past that initial discomfort, both of you will find yourselves on a new level. While Tantra massage may heighten sensations during sex, it may also help you deal with stress, boredom, and disagreements in the relationship. Once you feel this new connection with your partner, you will end up communicating in a healthier way, and you will also look at things differently.

Tantric massage will make you more confident because when you and your partner can get involved in slow but passionate Tantric massage, you will find that your worries will gradually fade away into the background and you will be able to take action more freely behind closed doors.

The new found freedom can be a major confidence boost. You will not only discover that you are more willing to show your weak side during sexual intercourse, but you will also walk with your head up high knowing fully well that you can make your partner's eyes roll into the back of her head.

Tantric massage is very detailed and exciting. It makes men last longer while having sex, while women get full restoration of their orgasm and overall satisfaction when in the act. It is not a usual few minutes, but becomes a process, and it goes through its turns giving you full relief with your spouse. You connect the love with sexual satisfaction as it overflows from your heart. Concentrate and feel the stimulation as you may look at each other for some time. When you are ready, let the internal organs meet, hold each other and feel the acute energy flowing across your body to the head. Stay focused and enjoy the pleasure of the genitals meeting. Avoid jumping into anything as love-making is all about being fully charged and being still.

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