London Nuru Massage

Nuru massage in London

Mutual, body-to-body massage is a wonderful experience in its own right but imagine the extra sensuality that comes when it is performed with the help of a gorgeously slippery and sensual gel; imagine as it slips gracefully from the hands of the beautiful masseuse on to her body and that of her partner; imagine the tactile experience of two naked bodies sliding over each other, lubricated skin on lubricated skin, in a state of heavenly frictionlessness. Nuru massage brings a whole new dimension to body-to-body where the only concern is the sublime pleasure of two people in bliss as the nuru gel works its erotic magic between them.

Nuru gel is a rich and prized substance (which is why it comes with a high premium way in excess of normal massage oils). It has no color, no smell, no stickiness and no taste. Everything is in the effect that it creates: erogenous sensations and excitement like no other.

When you arrive, your beautiful masseuse will join you in an assisted shower. For the nuru to work it is vital that you are both wet. From the shower, you will move to a specially prepared waterproof mattress, in a lovely room where the ambient temperature is kept bodily warm so that you both stay comfortable as the gel is applied, and at which point the beautiful and dreamlike process will begin, and perhaps eventually culminating in a bodily orgasmic release like no other. Afterwards, you will have another assisted shower to make sure that all traces of the gel are removed and leave you in a liberated state of mind.

The Origins Of Nuru

The name 'nuru' seems to come from the Japanese, meaning 'slippery', although some people also say it refers to the seaweed which can be a component, along sometimes with chamomile. Whatever the details, it's a remarkable and uniquely silky substance, amazing just to run through your fingers, so imagine when two bodies are entirely covered with it, sliding and embracing as though they were weightless. The erotic sensation is without comparison, one minute, slow, tingling, and passionate, or perhaps the next, wild, fun and euphoric, sliding around, giddy with you and your sensations.

What To Expect From A Nuru Massage

So why is nuru massage still relatively uncommon, and why is it so important to find the very best providers?

Like anything, nuru needs to be performed well. Actually, it is one of those things that needs to be done very well indeed. You see, like serving oysters or wearing seamed stockings, if you get it even slightly wrong, the result is terrible. The last thing you need is a warm, silky, sensual experience turning into a chilly, uncomfortable embarrassment. And because nuru requires a very high degree of skills, it's easy to get it slightly (and therefore terribly) wrong.

So the entire process from the moment the client enters the shower to leaving hopefully in a state of inner bliss needs a masseuse with the highest levels of skill and understanding. That's why our masseuses will guide you through the process with perfect timing and understanding, making sure that at every step, the nuru event will be as it should. Our masseuses all know the importance of this most intimate of experiences and, when done well, just how fabulous this experience can be. So don't wait any longer and book your nuru massage session.

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