What Do Adult Massages Involve

Adult Massage

An adult massage, or erotic massage as it is more commonly known, involves the application of various massage techniques by a trained masseur or masseuse to the body with a focus on sensual and sexual stimulation to relax and stimulate both mind and body with the ultimate goal of an orgasm.
It's not a sexual interaction between adults but is, in fact, a serious and highly sought after therapy for sexual enlightenment and expression coupled with beneficial stress-relief for both men and women.
The practice has been around since ancient times and evolved in classical civilisations, notably Indian culture, but has become much more widely accepted in recent years.
During a session the therapist will massage the whole body with gradual focus on the client's erogenous zones.
There are several different types of erotic massages, such as the tantric massage, the sensual massage or the body to body massage, all of which offer a unique perception in helping the client to reach the ultimate satisfaction through massage. Below we consider all the different types of erotic massages that are offered here in London, and what each one involves.

Tantric Massage

A tantric massage is a spiritual massage based on ancient philosophy based the concept of harnessing and controlling spiritual and physical energy in harmony.
The massage focuses on slow deep breathing and slow rhythmic strokes before increasing in tempo as the sexual energy intensifies.
The tantric massage involves repetitive phases to build up the intensity of the energy to achieve a feeling of total euphoria at the climax.
It's one of the hardest erotic massages to undertake properly, and as such requires a skilled, expert therapist who understands both the physiology and the psychology of their client to help them achieve both spiritual calmness and physical rapture.
The essence of the tantric massage is enlightenment through freedom of expression and carefree inhibition with both masseuses and client naked and placing their complete trust in each other.

Sensual Massage

A sensual massage is similar to a tantric massage in that it is focuses on delivering an experience that gives a genuine sense of care, intimacy and arousal to the body, yet differs in that it dispenses with any ethos of spirituality or ritual.
A sensual massage concentrates more on the actual physical stimulation rather than mental awareness with the goal of reaching orgasm through touch.

Body To Body Massage

A body to body massage is again similar to a tantric massage or sensual massage, with the difference being that the masseuse will use their body, after being rubbed in oil, to glide up and down the client's body. This will be done in a slow and rhythmic manner to help bring the client the ultimate satisfaction.

Couples Massage

This massage is designed for couples to come to the studio for the shared experience of either being massaged simultaneously side by side by different masseurs or masseuses or separately or sequentially by the same or different masseur or masseuse depending on preference.
It is also possible for each of them to participate alongside and be guided by the masseur or masseuse in the massage of their partner to enhance their understanding of their partner's desires and fantasies.
This can be a great massage and beneficial experience to enable a couple to explore themselves and may be each other, in a sensual and sexual way with the guidance of an expert therapist(s) and strengthen their relationship.

Foot Fetish

A foot fetish massage is a special type of massage for the whole body including the erogenous zones, whereby the masseuse uses only her feet and legs rather than her hands and breasts to stimulate and excite the client.
The masseuse's feet will be beautifully pedicured and deployed just as softly and sensually as if her hands were being used to create something erotically different and unusual. As a prelude to the massage the masseuse may be wearing a garter belt, silk stockings and high heeled shoes which can then be erotically removed to heighten the sense of anticipation.

Nuru Massage

The word "Nuru" is derived from the Japanese word meaning "slippery" and this is the concept for the Nuru massage, which involves using a special colourless, tasteless, and slippery oil which is applied to a client's whole body to enable the masseuse to slide up and down on the client, making it similar to a body to body massage.
The oil itself is a water-based, natural oil that is processed from seaweed and differs to the aromatic oils usually used in a massage.

Prostate Massage

A prostate massage is a massage that focuses solely on the male's prostate gland for sexual stimulation. It can be an area of intense pleasure for some men, enabling them to attain an orgasm that differs from or they might not normally experience during sexual intercourse.
Alongside sexual arousal and satisfaction, a prostate massage also has several health benefits, helping to reduce the risk of illnesses and conditions, such as prostate cancer, prostatitis and genital pain.
All of our London based masseuses are well experienced in delivering the ultimate pleasure using just this small organ in the body.

Tease & Tie

A tease and tie massage involves the masseuse using bondage or restraining techniques on their client to create a sense of domination, tease and ultimately, pleasure.
The passive client will remain in a highly aroused state throughout the massage until reaching climax.
Each masseuse will discuss with their clients their preferences for selection of aids to be used during this type of massage, but common items of choice are handcuffs and blindfolds.


All of our London based masseuses are experts in delivering sensual, pleasurable and erotic adult massages that will leave each and every client satisfied and coming back for further sessions.
Select the service that you are after at Tantric Temptations, and get in touch with your favourite therapist.

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