Tantric And Sensual Massage Wimbledon


Tantric And Sensual Massage Wimbledon

I am Dana and London has been my home for many years now and I trained here as a masseuse taking courses on deep tissue massage therapy as well as studying a number of complementary practices, such as head massage to relieve tension and foot massage to enhance circulation, in addition to the more transcendental teachings centred around meditation with its associated mind and breath control.

I have worked in several studios to learn, enhance and perfect my skill set before setting up my own elite business specialising in Tantric Therapy and Sensual Massage with particular emphasis on engaging with clients who experience premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction in order to improve their sexual prowess for longer lasting pleasure.

For me, my Tantric therapy not only focuses on the sexual energy of the client but also incorporates a wide range of massage techniques to achieve these goals as I really care about providing a quality service to my many clients.

I am particularly proud of the ambiance of my elegant massage space in the Wimbledon, Raynes Park area which I feel not only enhances but reflects the amazing therapeutic experience you will receive here so I look forward to giving you a very warm welcome to enable you to enjoy my personal touch.

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