Magical and relaxing long GENUINE TANTRA sessions

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Magical And Relaxing Long Genuine Tantra Sessions

I would like to invite you for a session of genuine Tantra massage.

- How the session looks like?
Once you arrive, I will ask you to take a shower.
The session will start with a moment to connect and a relaxing massage will follow.
It will progress to a body to body, sensual massage with loads of warm oil.
I will be using different movements and certain pressure points to stimulate the body.
It’s important that you’re mindful of your breathing (inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth).
Eventually I will focus on your lingam.
You can ejaculate at the end, but you might choose not to.

- What is the purpose of the session?
Let me start by saying what it is not.
It’s not a sex service as such. I don’t offer oral, kissing, mutual touch or quick ejaculation.

The focus is on creating a very sensual, intimate experience and feeling pleasure deeply in the whole body not only in the genital area.
It’s very pleasant and relaxing. Receiving a caring touch can also be healing.
For me giving a massage is a deeply human and intimate way of connecting with someone.

- How long does it take and what’s the cost?
1.5 hours - £150
2 hours - £200
3 hours - £300
Please keep in mind that I don't do sessions shorter than 1.5 hours.

- Where and when?
I offer in-calls only and I’m based in Fulham area.
The earliest appointment can be arranged at 8am, the very latest starts at 8pm.

- How to get in touch?
Please call me on 079 5173 1065. If I won’t be able to pick up, please send me a text message and I will get back to you.
(I don’t listen to voicemail and withheld numbers are blocked.)

Thanks :-) Lena

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